Teaching aid & IQ Puzzles

One of the major efforts of Jigyasa Foundation is to develop effective learning material to inspire child curiosity to learn & innovate. We have also designed several teaching aids which helps teachers explaining the concept to the students & generating their interest in subject. Jigyasa is passionately restoring and re-introducing many rare handmade toys & IQ puzzles. Our project 'The Toy Treasure' explores some of the great Indian Toys that are traditionally handmade by local craftsmen. These functional toys show some amazing scientific principle at work. You can see related images here.

Jigyasa Science & Maths Club:

Jigyasa Science & Maths Club is an initiative to associate the curious minds of every age. Helping them exchange ideas & innovation, Jigyasa has started the Toymaker Blog which features interesting blogs & videos on toy & puzzle making. Recycling daily used/unused material, the Toymaker blog promotes learn by doing. Here is the link to read The Toymaker blog.

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