Educational Research

Educational research has always required sustained efforts and determination to find the true values & aims of education which is: understanding children & their curiosities, Classroom Dynamics & environment, Books & Curriculum, Teachers & Teaching methods. Although there have been much discussion and enough said about how education can bring change but resolving enduring problems in educational sectors, understanding Institutional challenges, the curriculum, examination system, developing study methods, arranging low cost learning material and then connecting it all to the main stream system is a real challenge. Therefore Jigyasa has come forward to help & inspire nationís latent talents & geniuses. For there are many different thoughts & approaches to make education better & inspiring, however in Jigyasa we have learnt that more than a debate on different school of thoughts, education is our way of learning & understanding life, or perhaps it is life itself.

Is our schooling really inspiriting enough to make ourselves a good life & career?

Are the classroom tutorials helping to explore one's true potential & abilities?

What should or must be the essential parts of learning for a better education?

Is the better education available to every child of our society & class?

How come that poor percentile boy yesterday turned today's genius?

Jigyasa is sincerely engaged in seeking the answers to these questions. Jigyasa is researching through Classroom Activities, Workshops, Group & Individual Survey to find ways of a better education. The substantial results & insights of Jigyasa's research are soon to be published periodically through its Bi-monthly magazine "Inspiring Education".

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