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An Amazing World of IQ Puzzles'
An exhibition of handmade wooden puzzles organized by the Jigyasa Foundation at Lucknow Mahotsava 2014 received interest & appreciation of thousands of visitors.
Jigyasa Foundation is planning to start its publication on Science Activities, IQ Puzzles and on creative learning.
Jigyasa explores traditional handmade Indian toys and puzzles in the project - "The Toy Treasure".
Jigyasa secretary and Founder Manish Pathak dedicates an entire blog on Toymaking at -
The Toy Maker Blog.
The Toy Maker Blog.

Welcome To Jigyasa Foundation !

Jigyasa Foundation is an independent, nongovernment organization committed to work towards resolving enduring problems in educational sectors that requires sustained effort and determination. The foundation has formed to inspire the curiosity of every child to learn and innovate. We design and develop teaching aid & IQ Puzzles.

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